I was born in Newport RI in 1943, raised in east Hampton and Lebanon, Conn, until Uncle Sam called! I was stationed at Dow Air Force base in Bangor Maine for 4 years and upon discharge, I remained in the Bangor area and have been a resident of Hermon since 1979.

         I am self-taught artist, working primarily in watercolor. As a young boy, I was encouraged by my father, a high school teacher, to develop my artistic abilities. I became interested and influenced by artist such as Wyeth, Homer and Sloan. I developed a realist style approach in my work using a layered dry brush along with a wet on wet method. My paintings exemplify serenity and warmth found in surroundings, landscapes, and till-life that stimulates memories relating to a quieter and more simplified life and time.             

  I have exhibited over the years throughout the state in numerous art shows receiving recognition and awards for my work. My paintings have been sold to art enthusiast not only in New England, but throughout the country.